Fredericksburg, Tx

The "roots" of Superior Services Tree Care are firmly anchored in the rocky crags and rolling hills of Fredericksburg, Tx.  Like an Oak tree originating from an acorn, the Superior Services family has grown through drought and drench.  Originally, the only services offered were trimming, removal, and stump grinding.  Owner Neil Henke developed the tree working craft and it quickly became clear that more help would be needed.  Over time, the company has grown in size and expertise in order to meet the arboricultural demands of Fredericksburg, Tx.  Fredericksburg will always be home to the Superior Services family as we seek to enhance its historic beauty and create a safer town through our knowledge and experience with trees.  We currently have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff and five Certified Chipper Operator Specialists.  We rely on a highly skilled team of arborists and industry specific equipment to tackle any challenge presented. 

Superior Services isn't just our name...It's our mission!