The Superior Services family is, and always will be, committed to delivering the highest level of service.  

Each member of the family has a great perspective of teamwork and integrity.

We're proud to have the best in the business!  Take a look at the folks who make it happen.


As business owners, parents, spouses, and community activists, Neil and Deborah Henke have been impactful role models for many people.  First and foremost, they both give God all of the glory for their success in life.  They founded Superior Services with a desire to bring hometown, friendly service to the community of Fredericksburg, Texas.  This idea has been the heartbeat of Superior Services since day one.  As owners, they have always had the highest standards for their employees and enjoy compensating them accordingly.  They've dedicated time and resources to help their employees develop careers and learn how to work productively.  Outside of work, they both love traveling to different Major League ballparks to watch baseball.  Deborah is always coordinating the next family game night or dinner, while  Neil enjoys hunting trips and relaxation time anywhere he can find it.  Together, they've selflessly impacted countless lives throughout the community.  Not enough can be said about their leadership and humble personalities.  

Josh Grandstaff


Certified Chipper Operator Specialist

Favorite Tree(s): Live Oak & Bois d' Arc

Favorite Food: Oysters

Favorite Team: Arkansas Razorbacks

Favorite Hobbies: Family Time & Working on his truck

Josh Grandstaff is the fearless crew foreman.  His passion for his craft is evident as he tackles each project with tenacity.  He leads with his actions and commands the respect of a highly productive and talented crew.  Josh's incredible technical skills allow him to be an outstanding tree care professional and leader.


He enjoys working for Superior Services because he loves the Tree Care Industry and likes working for a reliable company with good ownership.  He has enjoyed watching the successful growth of the company since he started.  And best of all, he loves being in the Hill Country.


Freedmen's Bois d'Arc.jpg

L.T. Quinn



Samuel Henke

ISA Certified Arborist TX- 4135A

Samuel Henke has been affiliated with the company since its inception. As a boy, he hauled brush and stacked firewood alongside his dad.  After graduating from Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, he decided to join the company on a full time basis.  He brings with him a passion for arboriculture and leads the way in company expansion through a variety of tree planting and care plan options.  In addition to holding a chemical Applicator’s license, he holds ISA Arborist Certification.

IMG_20160202_150743189 (2).jpg

Favorite Tree: Rainbow Eucalyptus

Favorite Food: Filet Mignon

Favorite Team: Texas Rangers

Favorite Hobby: Golf

Kory Pomykal

Business Manager

Kory commands the business and administrative duties that have been the backbone of Superior Services growth over the years. He is committed to processes and has an extensive background in IT and systems management. SSTC is excited to have Kory on the team.

Joel Marquez

Certified Chipper Operator Specialist


Joel is a commanding force in the Superior Services ground game.  His motor moves at a very fast pace and he is always looking for the next opportunity to get ahead on a job site.  Joel has a great attitude that builds confidence within the crew.  He leads by example and carries himself in a professional manner.

Favorite Tree:

Favorite Food: 

Favorite Team:

Favorite Hobby:

David Hamilton

Certified Chipper Operator Specialist

DavidClimb1 (1).jpeg

Favorite Tree: Japanese Maple

Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes

Favorite: Team: Denver Broncos

Favorite Hobby: Family time, yard work, anything football related



Favorite Tree: Japanese Maple

Favorite Food: Steak and Potatoes

Favorite: Team: Denver Broncos

Favorite Hobby: Family time, yard work, anything football related

David has pursued the arboricultural craft and learned to develop his climbing skills.  He works in a safe manner and truly cares for the well-being of each tree.  He is a good team member that will continue to learn, grow, and develop into a fine arborist. 

Pierre Minjauw

Certified Chipper Operator Specialist


Favorite tree: Texas Wright Acacia

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Team: Denver Broncos

Favorite Hobby: Performing Arts


Pierre has been instrumental in executing the vision of the company.  He has become a crew leader and developed the craft in an efficient and fun manner.  Pierre has a great team attitude and people enjoy working around him because of that.  His well-rounded development will help form an exciting career as an arborist.

Nick Baker


Nick’s personality and attitude have aided him in becoming a talented young tree worker with tons of potential.  He has been integral in the completion of some exciting projects and has performed well in each scenario.  Nick has very strong technical skills and is adaptable to all situations.