We strive to preserve every tree in the Texas Hill Country, however certain situations force us to remove designated trees.  Whether to eliminate potential hazards, clean-up after a hazard, prevent spread of disease, encourage development of healthy trees in overcrowded areas, or facilitate construction developments our skilled tree care professionals are trained to safely remove any tree. 

Remote Controlled Tree Removal

As seen in the image to the right, our removals are done using a state-of-the-art crane.  This innovative removal technique allows us to offer zero-impact tree removal services without any risk to workers or personal property.  We also employ the use of a grapple-saw head (bottom right) at the end of our crane to eliminate any risk of sending a climber up into the tree.  Superior Services Tree Care is currently the only tree care firm in Texas to employ this technology.  Please inquire about our crane and removal services to learn more about how SSTC can help you safely remove dangerous trees.