Pruning is the most common tree maintenance service we provide.  Pruning is often performed to achieve aesthetic goals or to improve branch structure.  We strongly recommend periodic pruning as a proactive approach to improving overall tree vigor and eliminating hazardous limb failure. 

Proper pruning will:

  • Reduce risk of limb failure
  • Improve tree posture and branch structure
  • Reduce spread of disease
  • Improve light filtration through canopy
  • Improve air circulation within canopy
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Reduce long term tree maintenance costs


*Occasionally, we’re asked to “top” a tree for certain reasons.  This is never a recommended practice and should not be performed.  Topping a tree can lead to a multitude of tree disorders.  Decay, starvation, increased pest and disease development, weak secondary shoot production, and an ugly appearance are a few problems that occur following topping practices. If a tree is exhibiting die-back in the crown or needs to be maintained at a lower height, then, a reduction or pollard may be performed to achieve the desired outcome.   Call or email to speak with a Certified Arborist about correct pruning practices here in the Hill Country.