Tree planting is an important endeavor that provides lasting impact and generations of value.  Superior arborists understand the importance of planting trees, lots of them.  Our well-rounded planting program hinges on the idea of bio-diversity.  Bio-diversity is the variety of species and cultivars in a designated ecosystem.  Due to the devastation of Oak Wilt and harsh drought conditions, we have committed time and resources to developing a robust planting program that provides value for home and land owners.  Re-populating the urban forest is becoming more and more important as development and environmental stressors persist.  

Tree planting goes far beyond the physical act of installation.  The process begins with analyzing parent soil to ensure a correct tree match for the site.  Understanding grower's stock, tree structure, health, size, seasonal interest, water requirements, pH requirements, drainage needs, and ultimately client's expectations are all some of our arborists' considerations when planning a planting project.  

Left: Dormant Chinkapin Oak after being planted. Tree is 27’ tall with an 8” caliper trunk.