Our trained arborists strive to address the overwhelming issues of an increasing urban environment and poor soil conditions through a locally prescribed fertility program.  Our goal is simple: maximize tree health.  Using a soil- based delivery method, we apply a proprietary blend of fertilizer designed to stimulate root development, correct nutrient deficiencies, and boost moisture retention capabilities.  In an effort to preserve the environment and eliminate detrimental bicarbonates, we’ve elected to use an organic approach when feeding your trees. 


Our fertilization method is unique in that we utilize a high pressure air system and rigid soil probe to fracture the soil within a tree's root system.  This process allows us to simultaneously aerate the soil and feed the tree's roots without causing any damage to the landscape.  Compaction and nutrient deficiencies are the two major issues that we aim to address as we focus on stimulating the roots at 6"-12" deep.  The Ferti-Blast method has yielded exceptional results in growth maximization on newly planted trees, as well as preserving trees in tough urban environments like parking lots, parks, and sidewalks.